Printed Cotton Tablecloths

The history of Provençal fabrics is long and "colorful". The original Provençal fabrics, which were initially imported into and then manufactured in Provence in the 17th century, featured colorful designs that were printed on cotton.  These fabrics quickly became so popular and so threatening to the established French textile industry that they were banned in France (at least officially) from 1686 until the beginning of the 19th century.

We offer a wide variety of round and rectangular printed cotton tablecloths.  In our printed cotton tablecloths the design is printed onto the fabric (as opposed to being woven into the fabric as it is in the Jacquard tablecloths).

These tablecloths are available in either coated or uncoated cotton. Select the material you want (either "Coated Cotton" or "Uncoated Cotton") in the Material pull-down menu on the product detail page.