Bordered French Provençal Tablecloths

These tablecloths have a beautiful border handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Provence, France. Parts of the border are made from a cotton/polyester blend fabric that gives the border structure and durability.

We have three styles of bordered tablecloths: Esterel, Indienne, and Diabolo.

  • The Esterel tablecloths are classic Provençal tablecloths that come in a variety of traditional Provençal colors.
  • The Indienne tablecloths bring us back to the origins of Provençal fabrics, when colorful printed cotton materials were first imported into Provence from India.
  • The Diabolo tablecloths are slightly narrower than our other tablecloths (55" wide).  They have a teflon-treated cotton interior and an anti-stain border.

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