There's No Such Thing as a Teflon Coated Tablecloth!

Posted by Laurence Bertone on

Once in a while we get asked if we have "teflon coated tablecloths". The answer is no, because there is no such thing as a "teflon coated tablecloth".

There are, however, teflon TREATED tablecloths. In these tablecloths the fabric (typically Jacquard double-woven cotton) is treated with a teflon based product that makes it liquid-repellent and resistant to stains. It is not a "coating" that's applied to the surface of the tablecloth, it's a treatment that penetrates deep into the fibers of the fabric that protects it while leaving it feeling soft and warm and natural. Teflon treated tablecloths are easy to get clean in the washing machine (gentle cycle, low heat, please) but are not "wipeable" like an acrylic-coated tablecloth would be. Teflon-treated Jacquard tablecloths also tend to be more formal and elegant than coated tablecloths. For these reasons Teflon-treated Jacquards are typically used on dining room tables, whereas acrylic-coated tablecloths are often used on kitchen tables (as well as on outdoor patio or deck tables).

But the only way to really appreciate the difference between a teflon-treated tablecloth and an acrylic-coated tablecloth is to buy one of each and see for yourself!

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