Round Jacquard French Tablecloths

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If you know your French tablecloths (and I'm guessing you do if you found this blog post), you know that there are two species of them: printed and Jacquard-woven. And you probably know that the vast majority of Jacquard-woven French tablecloths are of the rectangular persuasion. And up until recently, if you’d asked us if we have any round Jacquard French tablecloths, the answer would have been a resounding “No!”.

 But no more! We are delighted to announce that we now have round, Jacquard-woven French tablecloths. And we even have two kinds:

  1. Our “Durance” round Jacquard tablecloths. These gorgeous cloths are made of a 60% cotton, 40% polyester blended fabric. The polyester component of the fabric makes them strong and wrinkle-resistant, gives them a wonderful satiny feel, and makes them very easy to iron if you choose to iron them. Oh, and guess what – they are 90 inches (90”) in diameter, so they can fit large round kitchen or dining room tables. They come in a variety of muted colors (beige, blue, gray, red, white, yellow) and have a subtle, elegant, floral damask pattern. We have matching napkins in each color.

    Durance Red Jacquard Round French Tablecloth

  2. Our “Valbonne” round Jacquard tablecloths. These are made of 100% cotton, which gives them a warm, soft, supple feel that will drape beautifully over any round table. These cloths are 71 inches (71") in diameter. They have a geometric pattern that features a number of classic Provençal motifs.

Valbonne Jacquard Round French Tablecloth

Please take a gander at our round Jacquard tablecloths, and don’t hesitate to contact use if you have any questions!

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