Coated Tablecloths December 20 2015

We've been pussy-footing around the topic of coated tablecloths for a long time now. We've described the differences between teflon-treated and acrylic-coated tablecloths. We've compared and contrasted oilcloth and coated cotton tablecloths. We've documented the existence of acrylic coated Jacquard tablecloths. And we've discussed acrylic coating in the Material section of our definitive guide to French tablecloths, French Tablecloths 101!

But we've never published a blog post dedicated to coated tablecloths. Until now, that is...

A coated tablecloth has a thin, acrylic based coating applied to the surface of the material on the top side of the tablecloth that protects it from spills and stains and makes it "wipeable" (easy to clean up with a damp cloth or sponge) - they almost never need to be machine-washed. For this reason coated tablecloths are perfect for every day use on kitchen tables. They're also great for outdoor use on patio and deck tables (note that we can put an umbrella hole in any of our coated tablecloths).

Rectangular Coated Tablecloths

Most coated tablecloths are made of printed, plain-woven cotton. Coated Jacquard-woven tablecloths do exist, but they are much less common than printed coated cotton tablecloths. (Note: most Jacquard-woven tablecloths are Teflon-treated, not acrylic coated - Teflon treatment and acrylic coating are not the same thing). Because most coated tablecloths are made of printed cotton, many of them have beautiful, colorful, detailed designs.

Round Coated Tablecloth

Coated cotton tablecloths are not the same as vinyl tablecloths. Coated tablecloths have a subtle sheen to them but are not glaringly shiny like vinyl tablecloths. They also have a more natural, less "plasticky" feel than vinyl tablecloths. Although vinyl tablecloths are often referred to as "oilcloth" these days, neither vinyl nor acrylic coated tablecloths are true oilcloth in the original sense of the word. And finally, acrylic coated tablecloths do not contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) like vinyl tablecloths do.

Green Striped Coated Tablecloth

Acrylic-coated tablecloths only need to be machine-washed rarely if ever. If needed they can be washed on a cold or warm setting and hang-dried (don't put them in the dryer). If desired they can be ironed on the uncoated side only before use.

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