Lavender December 08 2015

The ancient Romans used wild lavender from Provence to freshen their laundry and perfume their baths. In the Middle Ages it was used to make perfumes and medicines. In the 19th century the cultivation of lavender was greatly expanded, driven in large part by the establishment and growth of the perfume industry in the area of Grasse. Today the production of lavender and its essential oils is an important part of the economy of Provence. When you are in Provence you will see it growing wild, cultivated in large fields, and growing in private gardens.

And whenever you feel you can get away with it, you must do the following thing:

  • locate a stem with a nice, plump, juicy bloom of little purple flowers
  • grip the stem gently between your thumb and forefinger, below the level of the flowers
  • slide your hand briskly up the stem, stripping the flowers off into the palm of your hand
  • rub your hands together vigorously, thereby crushing the little purple flowers
  • cup your hands together, stick your nose in them, inhale deeply through the nose

Click on the link below to see a few tablecloths with lavender motifs.

Tablecloths with Lavender Motifs