French Tablecloth Designs

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If you've read our French Tablecloths 101 article then you already know a bit about the different kinds of design styles for French tablecloths. In this post we're going to make you know even more about them.

There are basically two kinds of tablecloth designs: "placed designs" and "linear designs".

Placed Designs

In a placed design the visual design is made to fit a certain size and shape of tablecloth exactly. For this reason a tablecloth with a placed design cannot be adjusted to a different size (because doing so would spoil the visual design). Placed designs can be round or rectangular (including square, of course).

Rectangular Placed Design French Tablecloth


Round Placed Design French Tablecloth


Linear Designs

In a linear design the visual design is repetitive, normally along both the length and width of the tablecloth. Because of the repetitive nature of the design pattern, a tablecloth with a linear design can normally be adjusted to a custom size (length and/or width). Linear designs that are more or less continuous along one axis (typically the length) and repetitive along the other axis are known as "striped" designs. Linear designs that are repetitive along both axes are known as "all over" designs. Linear designs can also be round or rectangular in shape.

Striped Linear Design

 You can click on the following links to see tablecloths with placed, striped, and "all over" designs.

Tablecloths with Placed Designs

Tablecloths with Striped Linear Designs

Tablecloths with "All Over" Linear Designs


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