Acrylic Coated Jacquard Tablecloths

Posted by Laurence Bertone on

In previous blog posts we've told you about acrylic coated printed cotton tablecloths and Teflon treated Jacquard tablecloths. So today, just to confuse you even more, we're going to tell you about acrylic coated Jacquard tablecloths. They do exist, although they are not as common as their acrylic-coated-printed or Teflon-treated-Jacquard cousins. 

Acrylic Coated Jacquard Tablecloth

The acrylic coated Jacquard tablecloths combine the beauty and elegance of a Jacquard tablecloth with the practicality of a coated tablecloth. Like all acrylic coated tablecloths, they are stain resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Ours come in a selection of rich, luxurious colors and feature a subtle, Damask style pattern with an olive branch motif. They have an understated elegance that will complement virtually any style of tableware.

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