The Provence Post!

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If you're  a fan of Provence and have heard of Google, you know that there are lots of blogs about Provence. Lots of them. And many of them are quite good. But if you're looking for a blog that reads like a magazine and is updated regularly with tons of useful information and in-depth articles written by a professional writer, you need to check out The Provence Post. This blog is written by Julie Mautner, an accomplished (and prolific) food and travel writer, editor and author who has been living in Provence "on and off" (we suspect more on than off) since 1999. Like all good writers, Julie writes about things she knows well and really cares about, like food, restaurants, French cooking, wine, photography, art, design, architecture, decor, gardening, books, inviting places, interesting people, and worthwhile experiences. And if you like what she writes about so much that you just have to go to Provence to experience it yourself, she can plan your trip to Provence for you as well!

The Provence Post

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