French Tablecloths with Umbrella Holes! June 28 2014

Patio TableSummer is upon us, and if you're eyeballing your patio table thinking it would look awfully nice with a beautiful Provençal tablecloth under its umbrella, well, we can help. We can put an umbrella hole in any of our printed cotton tablecloths, round or rectangular, coated or uncoated.

When we put an umbrella hole in a tablecloth we use a plastic grommet (a ring) to give a hard edge to the hole and protect the fabric from damage. The grommets we use have an interior diameter of 1½ inches and come in several colors.  If you'd like us to put an umbrella hole in a tablecloth, just contact us and let us know, and we'll be happy to do it, free of charge.

Vive le trou!