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Made in FranceAll of our tablecloths and table linens are designed and manufactured in France.  You might think that's stating the obvious, but in fact many of the products that are marketed as "French tablecloths" or "French table linens" are actually not made in France - they're made in places like India or even China.  Some vendors use very carefully chosen language like "French inspired tablecloth" or "Provençal style tablecloth" to tiptoe gingerly around the fact that said tablecloth was not made in France. Some vendors are less... careful.

We sometimes get approached by Indian and Chinese manufacturers who tell us they can make French Provençal style tablecloths at a fraction of the cost that we pay for tablecloths that are actually designed and manufactured in France, and it's probably true.  But in our experience we just can't get the same quality of design, material or workmanship as we can get in an authentic, French-made tablecloth.  That means a little less profit margin for us, but a lot more value for our customers.

The bottom line is: if it doesn't say "Made in France", it probably isn't.

Take a look at our Jacquard tablecloths and printed tablecloths - Made in France!

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