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French TableclothWe sometimes get asked what kinds of French tablecloths we sell, so we decided to go ahead and blog it out there.  It's really pretty simple.  As you can see in the diagram, we have two broad categories of French tablecloths: Jacquard French tablecloths and Printed Cotton French tablecloths. 

In a Jacquard French tablecloth the pattern is woven into the fabric.  All of our Jacquard French tablecloths are treated with a Teflon based product which protects them from spills and stains but allows them to retain the soft, warm feel of natural cotton and to drape elegantly over any table.

In a printed cotton French tablecloth the pattern is printed onto the fabric, which allows for bold, beautiful, finely detailed designs.  Many of our printed cotton French tablecloths are available in either "uncoated" cotton or "coated" cotton.  The coated cotton models are coated with an acrylic based product that makes them virtually impervious to stains and really easy to wipe clean.  They are very easy to take care of and great for kitchen tables and outdoor patio tables.

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